Energy and Focus Supplement Engineered by Athletes, for Everyone


No fillers, no rocks. The purest pre workout you will ever have.

Passionate Energy Engineers

This pre workout was crafted by one of Social Medias most trusted name in fitness, with over 1 million followers, Strength Project. We've teamed with Americas top supplement manufacturing company that adhere to strict FDA regulations.

For All

It is very difficult to find an energy powder not marketed for bodybuilding/fitness. Although we still label this as a ``Pre-Workout``, this is for more than just working out. This is for workers, students, artists, performers, athletes, fitness and every active walk of life.

The Perfect Balance

Speed Bump Energy is a powerful energy and focus supplement designed by athletes for not only athletes, but anyone looking for focus and energy.  The Speed Bump Energy team prides itself with serving only the purest ingredients. No fillers, no rocks, just pure fine white powder.

350 MG

Caffeine Anhydrous

Boosts Energy Levels: Feel more motivated while training Speeds Up Body’s Metabolic Rate: Gain less fat, burn more calories Increases Overall Power Output: Train harder and for longer (The way caffeine anydrous works is simple: In our brains, an inhibitory neurotransmitter known as adenosine binds to receptors and increases the urge to sleep by decreasing cell activity – with levels rising every hour of the day.)


Beta Alanine

One of the greatest ingredients found in a pre-workout.  Your not going to like it, you’re going to love it.  Beta Alanine is known for the “tingling sensation”.  The wonderful sensation that makes you want to MOVE! Boosts Muscular Anaerobic Endurance:Research proves beta alanine’s beneficial effects on muscular anaerobic endurance


Choline Bitrate

As athletes and active people, we must not only look for energy, but also optimal cognitive performance. This is where choline biterate comes in! A study conducted my American Journal of Clinical Studies stated “Verbal and visual memory tested far better with higher choline intake. Conversely, white-matter hyperintensity (associated with cognitive decline) was inversely correlated with high choline consumption. Higher choline intake is “related to better cognitive performance”.”


Beta Alanine

3 Grams of Pure Beta Alanine.

Caffeine Anhydrous

350mg of the worlds favorite stimulant and drug


350mg of Glucuronolactone. popular mixture is used by weightlifters and other athletes in order to improve performance and shorten recovery time. Now all walks of life can enjoy the benefits

Di-Caffeine Malate

Theres never enough caffeine! After cocaine was banned from use in consumer products, Coca-Cola used dicaffeine malate as a replacement stimulant. Like other forms of caffeine, dicaffeine malate can increase focus, energy, and metabolism while decreasing perceived fatigue.

Hordenine HCL

can produce increased energy expenditure in healthy people. For Energy, Mood, Focus and Weight Loss


Thats right! It has flavor. We don't dump a bunch of unnecessary chemicals to give you a false sense of ``More is Better``. This is the best tasting pre workout you will ever have! Mix it with an ice cold cup of water.


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